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The SET: Episode 8
Included in this episode: Clyde Hensley & Commissioner Eva D. Gaither

The SET is a new media based evangelical tool created by The Salvation Army, USA East Media Ministries Bureau and will be distributed on a monthly basis on samedia.org. Seeking closer connections throughout the territory, The SET will highlight various departments of territorial headquarters, major divisional events, and accomplishments of the corps (churches), Adult Rehabilitation Centers (ARC), and School For Officer Training (SFOT).

This short video program will bring you interviews from field officers and lay leaders, information about territorial events, as well as a devotional given by officers throughout the territory every month. As we reach out to the Salvationists through The SET, we anticipate that they will share this through various forms of media to non-Salvationists and non-believers not only in the Eastern Territory, but throughout the world.

The SET will give all Salvationists yet another tool to continue to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and what HE is doing here in the Eastern Territory of The Salvation Army!

If you would like more information about The SET or have some content to submit please email us at

The Salvation Army, 440 West Nyack Rd, West Nyack NY, 10994, www.use.salvationarmy.org